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The Face Time Solution.

Let’s FACE IT…
Consistency Is Key.

The Face Time Solution.

Let’s FACE IT… Consistency Is Key.

Because it takes real commitment – and a real strategy – to build powerful results (and slow the hands of time).

If you’re passionate about loving your amazing skin and want to be more intentional and committed to realizing impressive skin health – receive your solutions every 140 rituals (or precisely when your face time needs them).

FACE TIME SOLUTION is all about simplifying your life and helping you stay “in step” to realize your skin goals.

We know that skin responds to consistency.

Intermittent care or bouncing from product to product doesn’t allow your skin time to make the necessary changes for ultimate skin health – leaving you discouraged about your results and ultimately less confident and passionate about your life.

And that’s NOT what we want for you.

You must commit to consistent, twice daily care – with a real strategy – to realize your skin goals… and our Face Time Solution ensures you do just that. After all, your skin care should reflect the way you approach all goals in your life: with great care, passion, and real intentionality – and a demand for the best.

Take advantage of this strategy on your next order by simply selecting Face Time Solution on the solution page or at checkout – and we’ll deliver your solutions direct to your door every 140 rituals (10 weeks).

And if you discover you use more or less than we recommend and would like to adjust the frequency of your deliveries (or need to take a quick hiatus or cancel)?
Don’t sweat it – any adjustments can be made by signing in to your account and selecting Face Time Solution or contacting customer care – and we’ll be sending you an email reminder seven days before your solutions are scheduled to ship, giving you plenty of time to make any adjustments.

All we ask is that you let us know at least three days prior to your shipment date – because we produce our solutions with care, in small batches, to ensure you receive the freshest, most potent solutions every time.

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